A- mazing!
As a gym bunny and someone who used to spend 1/2 doing my eye makeup before going to the gym or for a run (yes I’m one of those!!) I can definitely say it’s worth every penny to always look fresh and naturally made up even if you haven’t put any makeup on at all. Holidays by the beach are perfect now too, no more smudged eyeliner or sun-bleached no eyebrow look.
Started with my brows having over plucked for years (I didn’t really have any) and can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done – no more judging the left to the right when penciling. Then had my lips done – I have never really liked the “Jammy” feel of lipstick on my lips but missed the youthful rosebud colour that fades with age so having my lips done was perfect. They healed to a rosy colour and appear fuller and bigger too. Then got the bug and went for top eyeliner which makes my eyelashes look fuller at the roots too which is a bonus when you haven’t got mascara on. Wouldn’t be without my permanent makeup now – I always look naturally made up even when I’m not.